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Xu Jiang



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281 Fuxin Road,20092,Shanghai, China   


Education Background           

Ph.D. Digital Art and Design, School of Computer Science and Technology, ZheJiang University, China. 2005-2008.  

M.S. Design Art, School of Mechanical Engineering, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China. 2002-2004.

B.S . Material Science and Technology, School of Material Science and Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnic University. China. 1997-2001.



Associate Professor. College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, China, 2015-present.   

Associate Professor. School of Mechanical Engineering, Southeast University, China, 2009-2015.


Honors & Awards  

Ÿ  Ten Outstanding Young Persons in design Industry of China, 2013.

Ÿ   The Excellent Youth Scholars of Southeast University, 2013.

Ÿ   Excellent Worker of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society,2011.

Ÿ   Scholarship of School of Mechanical Engineering ,SEU. 2012.

Ÿ   Teaching Competition Award of Young Teachers , SEU. 2012.

Fields of Research Interest 

Design Cognition and Computation, Emotional (Kansei) Engineering, Design Strategy


Projects and Grants 

Ÿ   Research on the Diagnosis of Scenario-oriented Design Cognition based on Complex Linkography-Network. National Science Fund of China (51675382), ( 2017-2020).

Ÿ   Research on the Conceptual Evolution of Team Design based on Natural Language Understanding. National Science Fund of China (51205059), ( 2012-2015).

Ÿ   Research on the Major Consulting Projects of Chinese Academy of Engineering under Grant (2013ZD15), ( 2013-2014).

Ÿ   Research on Brain Mechanisms of Visual Information Cognition of Digital Interface. National Science Fund of China. (71271053), ( 2013-2016)

Ÿ   Research on the Interface Design based on the Balance between Situational Awareness and Cognitive Load. National Science Fund of China.(71071032),(2011-2013 )

Ÿ   Research on Emotional Cognitive Model oriented to Creative Design. The Open Foundation of Child development and Learning Science Key Laboratory of Education MinistryCDLS-2010-07), (2009-2012).

Ÿ   Experiment Research on Impact Factors of Generalized Comfort Degree in High Speed Railway(EMU/DMU). National Key Technology R&D Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology.2009BAG12A01E09-2), (2009-2012).  

Ÿ   Research on Cognitive Model of Product Style based on Fuzzy Logic. National Science Fund of China.(60475025), (2005-2008).

Ÿ   Research on the Construction Plan for Industrial Design Park in QuZhou . (2012).  

Ÿ   Research on Current Situation and Policy of Industrial Design in Suzhou.(2009-2010).


Professional Activities  

Ÿ   Deputy Secretary General of Industrial Design Branch of Chinese Mechanics Engineering Society (CMES). (2011- ) 

Ÿ   Course Director of Industrial Design of Southeast University-Monash University Joint Graduate School. (2011- )

Ÿ   Vice-Chairman of the International Program Committee of 2010 IEEE International Conference on Computer-aided Industrial Design & Conceptual Design(CAID&CD). (2011)

Ÿ   Vice-Chairman of the Program Committee of Proceedings of the 2011 International Conference on Industrial Design. (2011)

Ÿ   Vice-Chairman of the Organizing Committee of 2010 IEEE International Conference on Computer-aided Industrial Design & Conceptual Design(CAID&CD). (2011)

Ÿ   Member of Organizing Committee of the Proposals of the 2012 National People's Congress: Report of Promoting the Development of Innovative Design Industry of China. (2011)

Ÿ   Guest of 2012 Dalian Design Festival of China. (2012 ) 

Ÿ   Member of Organizing Committee of the 2012 Senior Seminar of Industrial Design authorized by China Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. (2012)

Ÿ   Member of Jury in the Design Competitions: 2011 "Zhenhai Cup" Industrial Design Competitions,

2011 "Hemu Du Cup" Industrial Design Competitions," 2011 Dawn Cup" Design Competitions.



Journal papers

Ÿ   Xu Jiang, Guofeng, Constructing a multi-dimensional model to understand team design through language.International Conference on the Engineering DesignICED15. 2015:269-278.

Ÿ   Xu Jiang, Wang Haixian, Zhang Kejun. Research on the Modeling Method of Language Knowledge of Brand Style on Bayesian Network. China Mechanical Engineering .2012.In press

Ÿ   Xu Jiang, Wang Haixian, Sun Shouqian. Research on the Method of Product Generative Design Based on Style Evolution Model. Journal of Southeast University. 201.

Ÿ   Xu Jiang, Sun Shouqian, Zhang Kejun. Product Image Form Optimization Design based on Genetic Algorithm. Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering.2007, 43(4) . pp.53–64.

Ÿ   Xu Jiang, Sun Shouqian. Product Form Design based on Orthogonal Interactive Genetic Algorithm. Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems. 2007.13(8) . pp. 1470-1475.

Ÿ   Ding Man, Sun Wei, Xu Jiang, Zhang Xu. Product Color Fuzzy Optimum Design Considering Color Image Uncertainty. Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering. 2011.47(12) . pp. 185-190.

Ÿ   Fuqian Shi, Shouqian Sun, Xu Jiang. Employing Rough Sets and Association Rule Mining in KANSEI Knowledge Extraction. Information Sciences. 2012. pp. 118-128.

Ÿ   Sun Shouqian, Xu Jiang. Research on Design Strategy of Function Knapsack Based on QFD. Journal of Textile Research. 2008.29(5) . pp.32-38.

Ÿ   Fuqian Shi, Xu Jiang, Shouqian Sun. Fuzzy Case-based Reasoning in Product Style Acquisition incorporating Valence-Arousal based Emotional Cellular Model. Journal of Applied Mathematics. 2012. (In press)

Ÿ   Fuqian Shi, Xu Jiang. Emotional Cellular-Based Multi- Class Fuzzy Support Vector Machines on Product KANSEI Extraction. Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences. 2012.6(1) . pp.41-49.  

Ÿ   Wang Haixian, Xu Jiang. Local Discriminative Spatial Patterns For Movement-related Potentials-based EEG Classification. Biomedical Signal Processing and Control. 2011.6(4) . pp.427-431.   

Ÿ   Fuqian Shi, Shouqian Sun, Xu Jiang. Bayesian Inference of Kansei Knowledge by Using Variable Precision Rough Sets, Journal of Computational Information Systems. 2009.5(1) . pp.35-40.

Ÿ   Fuqian Shi, Shouqian Sun, Xu Jiang. Fuzzy Dempster-Shafer Evidence Theory and Its Application to Product Kansei Evaluation System. Journal of Computer-Aided Design & Computer Graphics.2008. 20(3) . pp.361-365.

Ÿ   Fuqian Shi, Shouqian Sun, Xu Jiang.. Association Rule Mining of Kansei knowledge based on rough set. Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems.2008.14(2) . pp. 407-411.

Ÿ   Fuqian Shi, Shouqian Sun, Xu Jiang. Applying Fuzzy-association-rule Techniques and Artificial Neural Networks to Customer Kansei Knowledge. Journal of Engineering Design(Chinese).2007.14(5) . pp. 349-358.

Conference Papers

Ÿ   Xu Jiang, Xi Zhao. Approach to Design Knowledge Acquisition of Brand Innovation Based on Rough Sets. IEEE The 10th International Conference on Computer-aided Industrial Design & Conceptual Design. 2011:413-419.

Ÿ   Xu Jiang, Hu Fengpei, SUN Shouqian. Research on the Technology of Product Creative Generative Design Driven by Style Evolution. 17th World Congress on Ergonomics. 2009.

Ÿ   Xu Jiang, Sun shouqian, Tan Zhengyu. An Interactive Evolutionary Design System with Feature Extraction. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4553. HCI International 2007. pp.1087-1094. Beijing. 

Book Chapters

Ÿ   Sun Shouqian, Xu Jiang, Lu Changde. (2011). Design Technology on Culture and Emotion. Chinese Mechanics Engineering Society (eds), in Technology Roadmap of China Mechanic Engineering. Beijing: China Science and Technology Press. pp.29-32  

Ÿ   Xu Jiang. (2008). Kansei Information.Sun Shouqian (eds), in Design Information. Beijing: Mechanical Industry Press.2008. pp.10-36. 

Ÿ   Pan Yunhe, Hu Zhiyong, Sun Shouqian, Xu Jiang. (2011). Proceedings of the 2011 International Conference on Industrial Design. (2011). Beijing: International Academic Publishers.  


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