SUN Xiaohua

SUN Xiaohua


Xiaohua Sun is a Professor in the College of Design and Innovation at Tongji University, where she leads the development of the Interaction Design academic direction. Before joining Tongji, Sun worked as research scientist at IBM Research - China, led the work at the UI Center, and conducted research in the field of Visual Analysis and Human Computer Interaction. Sun has also worked as Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication and Media at Clarkson University and directed the development of an interdisciplinary program - Digital Arts and Sciences. Sun has multi-year, extensive academic and industry experience in researching and developing innovative user interaction paradigms and technologies that exploit human visual perceptual systems and state-of-the-art computing power. Her work results in a series of interactive applications for active learning (MIT), activity-based collaboration within enterprises (IBM), interactive sense-making and information analysis of large data sets (Fuji Xerox Palo Alto Lab and IBM). Sun has rich experience in cross-disciplinary education in the field of Arts and Sciences. She has designed a series of courses on artmaking utilizing new technologies, designed the curriculum for the Digital Arts and Sciences program at Clarkson University, and served on the SIGGRAPH Education Committee to guide the development of Digital Art and Information Visualization curriculum for universities worldwide. Sun is also a digital artist. Her works have been widely exhibited at many public forums, including MUSICACOUSTICA 2010, Art Presenters Conference 2008, SIGGRAPH 2007, and numerous digital art festivals.




Xue Hang

Xue Hang  Male          Born in Oct. 1967

Graduated from Fudan University in 1993, gained a Master degree of physics

1993-1996    Worked as a programmer in Tongji University and studied Art and Design in East China Normal University (got a BFA degree)

1996-2002Worked as a teacher in Advertisement Department of Tongji University

1998-1999   Studied and worked in Hungary Design Institute (Budapest)

2002-2011    Worked as a teacher in the College of Communication and Art in Tongji University


Major Subject: 3D Animation and Visual Effects, Digital Photography


Classes ever taught include Digital Graphics Design, Digital Photography, 2D Animation and Visual Effects, 3D Animation



3D Character Animation, Press of Fudan University, ISBN 978-7-309-08465-8, 2011

Contemporary Advertising Photography, Press of Shanghai People’s Art, ISBN 7-5322-4294-3/J.3903, 2005 (Partner Writer)



Zhejun Liu

Name:      Zhejun Leo (A.K.A. Ellon Leo)

Gender:    Male

Year of Birth: 1980


Research Areas: 3D Animation, Virtual Reality and 3D Games


Background of Education and Work:

1998~2002: Bachelor’s Degree of Advertising, Tongji University

2002~2005: Master’s Degree of Corporate Management, Tongji University

2005~2006: Level artist and sub-team leader, Ubisoft(FR) Shanghai studio

2006~today: teacher of animation department, CCAA, Tongji University


Published Papers and Book:

1.       PAPER: HDR and its application in VR, 2007

2.       PAPER: Curricula design for university students majoring in art, 2008

3.       PAPER: Video tutorial and its usage in the education of digital art, 2009

4.       PAPER: Understanding sensation, perception and intuition in the creation of interactive art, 2009

5.       BOOK: Designing Virtual Reality Applications with Quest3D, 2010

6.       PAPER: Analysis on the different types and creation methods of the images for Non-planar screens.


Zhou Xiaorui

Gender:    Female

Year of Birth: 1971


Research Areas: Physical Computing , Interactive design(interactive installation art,web design etc.), Visual Effects


Background of Work:

1986-1989: Bachelor’s Degree of automation, Wuxi light Industry University.

1997-1999: Master’s Degree of  information automation, Wuxi light Industry University.

1993~2003: teacher of  digital media art department, college of Fine Art in Wuxi light Industry University.

2003~2011: teacher of animation department, CCAA, Tongji University


Classes ever taught : Physical Computing, Interactive Design, Web site design, Visual Effects etc.


Main Publication:

1.         BOOK: Web Design 2002

2.         PAPER: Understanding new media art language  from creative practice.2005

3.         PAPER:   Our country media innovation personnel training,2006

4.         PAPER: The research and application of new media technology in exhibition communication design. 2006

5.         PAPER: The research of teaching idea and method in new media art.2008

6.         PAPER: The research of stage design with multimedia. 2009

7.         BOOK: Interactive user system design. 2012

8.         BOOK: Interactive design. 2012



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