YU Xinan

Dr. Yu Xinan

Associate Professor

Founder of JALAB

Deputy head of NOCC


Brief Introduction

    Yu Xinan is the founder of JALAB Jewelry Innovation Lab, visiting scholar at Politecnico di Milano. dedicated to the integration of digital technology, contemporary culture, and jewelry industry. Research in Digital craft, conservation and innovation for art and cultural heritage, European luxury industry, and modern jewellery design History. His work has been exhibited in Museo del Gioiello Vicenza, SIHH(Salon International Haute Horlogerie), Salone del Mobile Milano, Venice Biennale, New York Design Week, V&A Shenzhen Design Society, Shanghai How Museum, International Metal Crafts and Jewelry Art Exhibition. Etc. He won the DIA Design Intelligence Award and his work has been permanently collected by the China Design Museum.



Jewelry Design, Digital Craft, Modern jewelry design history

Academic and social Post

Deputy Secretary-General of Shanghai Jewelry Design Association (2020-

Supervisor of Shanghai Jewelry Design Association (2015-2017)

Member of Shanghai Industrial Design Association

Member of Shanghai Designers Association

The Deputy head of fashion design team (2012-2014)

Academic Coordinator of the Politecnico di Milano/Polytechnico di Torino -Tongji Double Degree Program (2008-2013)

Education Background

2011-2017 Doctor of Engineering, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University

2015-2016 Visiting Scholar, Design School of Politecnico di Milano, Accessories Design

2007-2008 Master of Luxury Design, Creative Academy S.r.l Milano

2004-2006 Master of Arts in Design, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University

1999-2004 Bachelor of Engineering, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University

Work Experience

2009- Lecturer and Associate Professor, College of Design and Innovation,Tongji University

2008  Giampiero di Bodino Studio, Milano, Assistant Designer of Director

2007  Cartier International S.N.C, Paris, accessories department

2006  Luca Trazzi Design Consultancy, Designer


  • 2020

    Bio-beauty and skin care brand innovative, project leader

  • 2018-2019

    Jewelry-related computational design and visualization research, Shanghai Type-IV Peak Discipline Open Fund, sub-project leader.

  • 2017-2018  

    Angel Pearl Jewelry Laboratory Cooperation Project, project leader.

  • 2015-2017  

    Jewerly Design Experimental Educational Program of Tongji University, 985 top talent training, sub-project leader.

  • 2012-2014  

    Urban camouflage design research, Fundamental scientific research of central universities, project leader.

  • 2015-2016  

    Woo accessories design project, project leader.

  • 2016         

    Tongji Geely HMI Project—Smart Key Sub-project, horizontal, sub-project leader.


[1] Yu Xinan, Wangshiwen, Chen Zheshi, Digital Simulation and Reinterpretation for Pattern from Art Heritages [C]. Vinci2019, 2019

[2] Yu Xinan, Zhao Qian, Kostas Terzidis, Renlisha, Digital Humanity and visualization of Jewellery Archive and Kinematic reinterpretation of Historic Jewellery [M]. Digital Meets Handmade: Jewelry in the 21st Century, ISBN 978-0-692-08341- 3, 2019

[3] Yu Xinan, floral with fingerprints, a fractal bracelet, a custom pipa with mountains and flowing water texture[M]. New Generation of Creation 9787547919255 2018.10

[4] Yu Xin'an, Algorithm Bracelet Chinese and Swiss Contemporary Jewelry Design ISBN 978-90-825789-5-9 2018.4

[5] Zhao Qian, Yu Xinan, a complete history of critical architectural theory[J]. Architecture Journal, Issue 602 p119, 2018

[6] Yu Xinan, "digital" craftsmanship to tomorrow [J]. Furniture and Interior Decoration, 2017 20-23

[7] Yu Xinan, Beauty of Algorithm[M]. TRIPLE PARADE Academic Publisher, 978-90-825789-0-4, 2017.4

[8] Yu Xinan, Modern Jewelry Design History [D]. Dissertation, 2017.9

[9] Yu Xinan, Digital Jewelry to Tomorrow [J]. Hua Architecture, 05p173, 2016.3/

[10] Yu Xinan, Collection and Auction of Jewelry with Parametric Design [J] ISSN1672-6928 2016

[11] Yu Xinan, Digital Couture[M]. Skin la Museo del gioiello, Vicenza 978-88-317-2410-4, 2015


[1] Tongji-Dadawa Sound Lab-"Gramophone" Sound Creation Exhibition, Curator 2019

[2] Aston Martin "Sound Wings" Sound Art Exhibition, co-curator 2019

[3] LIUYINHAISHANG-Sound and Glass Art, curator 2018

[4] Sino-Swiss Contemporary Jewelry Design Exhibition, Curator 2018

[5] V&A Shenzhen Design Society, Craft the reset, Participant 2017

[6] the 3rd and 4th TRIPLE PARADE International Contemporary Jewelry Design Art Exhibition, Participant 2017 2019,

[7] Frankfurt Fashion Home Fair, Participant 2018

[8] New York Design Week 2018, Participant 2019

[9] China Industrial Design Fair, Participant 2018

Honors and Awards

2019 DIA China Design Intelligent Manufacturing Award TOP22

2016 Product Design Creativity/ Shanghai Excellent Course in 2012 Shanghai Education Commission [2012] 52

2015 The Beauty of Algorithm Won the Silver Award of China Industrial Design Innovation Award

2014 Outstanding Instructor Award for Design and Creative Graduation Design Works in Shanghai Universities

2013 The core course "Product Design" won the Tongji University Teaching Achievement Award 12123

2012 Tianhe Award of China International Young Designers Competition

2004 Gold Medal in the First "FIYTA" International Watch Design Competition in 2004



Email : yu_xinan@tongji.edu.cn


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