DING Junfeng

Master of Architecture and Design

Tongji FablabO/ China Digital Workshop Laboratory Director

Associate Professor (long term and design practice type) of Shanghai International College of Design and Innovation

American Certified Architect (Illinois)

Passed the United States green qualification certification

Accredited by AutoDesk, USA


Research orientation:

  • Computer-aided architectural design and construction, parametric      design, digital environment, open source design and collaboration


Main courses:

Undergraduate courses: Professional Design 1, Professional Design 5, Digital Environment

Graduate courses: Open Design and Design Synonyms


Academic and social post:

2012 – present: design director of U.S. Atelier-iform /Shanghai Xingcheng Architectural Design Firm


Education Background:

2005-2006: earned the degree of Master of Design from Harvard Graduate School of Design

2003-2005: earned the degree of Master of Architecture from College of Design, Iowa State University, USA

1993-1998: earned the degree Bachelor of Architecture from the Department of Architecture, Southeast University


Work Experience:

2010-present: working as a lecturer at Tongji University College of Design and Innovation

2010 – present: working as Design Director in U.S. Atelier-iform /Shanghai Xingcheng Architectural Design Firm

2007-2010: worked as a senior designer in Goettsch Partners Architectural Design Firm in the United States

2006-2007: worked as a senior designer in Hillier Architectural Design Firm in the United States


Representative research results and works:

2013: Shanghai Graduate Summer Forum - Augmented Environment and Interaction Workshop (Project Leader)

2011: Taicang Tibetan Buddhist Pharmacist Hall (chief of the project)

2010: Shenzhen Bay FISU University Games, China Resources Hotel (parametric design project leader)

2008: Park Hyatt Guangzhou Complex Building (parametric design project leader)

2006: Architectural and Environmental Design for Alexander Hospital in Singapore (architectural project leader)


Representative works, textbooks, papers, patents and exhibitions in the latest five years:


Combinatory Urbanism. Tom Mayne (author), Ding Junfeng (first translator), Jiangsu Culture Publishing House, January 2012

Inside + View: Teaching Trends of Top Western Architecture and Urban Research Institutes. Wang Fei and Ding Junfeng, China Architecture & Building Press, January 2010



[1] Computational Methods towards Cultural Landscape. Ding Junfeng [A] DADA 2013 Digital Penetration and Parameterization, Proceedings of International Conference on Digital Architecture, Huang Weixin, Liu Yanchuan, and Xu Weiguo, Tsinghua University Press, October 2013, 71-77

[2] Pragmatic Code -- The Building Digital Views of Chinese Architects Born in the 1970s. Ding Junfeng [J], Time Architecture 2013 (4), 28-32

[3] Dialogue with Kostas Terzidis - on Digital Design for Graduate School of Design. Ding Junfeng [J] Grand Design, 2012(02),128-120

[4] Orange County Great Park Master Plan, California, USA. Ding Junfeng and He Mingyu [J] Landscape Design, March 2011 (44), 80-88

[5] Students’ Intended Courses - Transformation of Tongji University College of Design and Innovation. Ding Junfeng, Interior Designers, March 2011 (28), 40-45

[6] The Perception of “Field” in Environmental Design. Ding Junfeng, Interior Designers, July 2012 (36), 113-118



May 2012: Casablanca Biannual - Chopsticks

August 2012: Shanghai Plaza 353-Chop-cloud

November 2012: Belgium IFFA2012 - Enlightening Language

August 2012: “5308” Invitational Artists’ Show, Taopu, Shanghai

October 2013: Invitational Exhibition of Recyclable Materials & Devices in Pudong Central Green Space


International exchanges and activities:

2012: Shanghai Design Week, chaired by the Digital Design Branch of Emerging Practice Forum

2013: chaired the Shanghai Graduate Summer Forum - Augmented Environment Forum


Contact information:

Email: dingjunfeng@tongji.edu,cn

Website: www.atelier-i-form.com


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