WANG Zisong

Doctor of architectural design and theory and associate professor

A professional teacher teaching the course Environmental Sustainable Design

Environmental design team


Research orientation:

Sustainable design, ecological building design, ecological city design, environmental design


Main courses: 

Undergraduate course: Environmental Sustainable Design


Academic and social post: 

A youth member of China Green Building and Energy Efficiency Committee

Secretary General of the Green Campus Team of China Green Building and Energy Efficiency Committee

A member of the Executive Committee of International Green Campus Alliance

A training course expert of Bayer-Tongji Eco-Construction & Material Academy

Director of Tongji Green Building Council (TGBC)


Education Background:

Earned the degree of Doctor of Architectural Design and Theory from Tongji University


Representative research results and works:

2012 to present: main person in charge of the Green Campus and Future series textbooks (for colleges and universities), “Green Campus and Green Building Knowledge Popularization Textbooks in China

2007-2011: Guidelines for the Ecological Urban Design of Waterfront Areas in Wuxi, Project Number: CRZ00701, the second person in charge

2009-2011: the first person in charge of energy efficiency design research for the Youth Activity Center of Nanhu Primary School in Wuxi.

2009-2011: the first person in charge of ecological planning and energy-saving building design research of Jinqiao Primary School in Wuxi.

2003-2006: participated in the planning and design of Qiantang River Riverside Landscape Belt in Hangzhou.

2008-2008: won the first prize for groups in the international joint design for Urban Culture and Landscape Renewal held in Lodz, Poland.


Representative works, textbooks, papers, patents and exhibitions in the latest five years:

1) Monograph description format

[1] Wang Zisong, co-author. Report on the Status Quo and Development of Building Energy efficiency in China (2012) [M], Beijing: China Association of Building Energy Efficiency, China Architecture and Building Press, August 2013, 1-410.

[2] Wang Zisong, main co-author. Green Campus Evaluation Standard and Operating Manual of China Green Building and Energy Efficiency Committee, No.: CSUS/GBC 04-2013, March 2013.

[3] Wang Zisong, co-author. Building Expo (The Buildings of World Exposition) [M], Shanghai: Chen Yi, Zheng Shiling, Shanghai University Press, 2010-01, 1-130.

2) Journal description format

[4] Wang Zisong. Research on the Compilation of Guidelines for Urban Design in Controlled Development Planning: with the urban design for the plot in the east of Wuxi Taihu New City Civic Center as an example [J]. Modern Urban Research, 10, 2010, 40 ~ 47

[5] Wang Zisong. Research on the Strategy for Urban Ecological Construction in China [J]. Construction & Design for Project, Issue 11 in 2010, 23 ~ 25

[6] Wu Zhiqiang and Wang Zisong. Key Points for the Compilation of Green Campus Evaluation Standard and Evaluation Cases [J]. Construction Science and Technology, Issue 6 in 2013, 82 ~ 86


Honors and Awards:

2011: Research Excellence Award of Arup Graduate Award

2013: Excellent Award in the National College Students’ Green Campus Conceptual Design Competition, as instructor

2013: Gold Award for Industrial Park Landscape Design for the Undergraduate Teams in the 3rd International Landscape Planning and Design Competition, as instructor

International exchanges and activities:

2013: gave a keynote speech at the green campus sub-forum of World Cities, World Classes (WC2) in New York, U.S.

2013: paid a research exchange visit to MIT and Stanford University Center for Sustainable Development

2012: chaired the green campus sub-forum of the 8th International Green Building and Building Energy Efficiency Conference and New Technologies and Products Fair

2012: gave a keynote speech at a salon of the Light and Space Lighting Design Forum

2008: visited important European waterfront cities in Germany, Netherlands and France for investigation and studying


Contact information:

Email: shtjwzs@126.com


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