GONG Yanyan

Gong Yanyan


Master of Architecture (Art and Design)


Brief Introduction

  • In 2003, she graduated from Tongji University and stayed as a teacher in Tongji University in the same year.

  • She has continued to pay attention to the creative methods and the latest trends of visual communication design in various contexts. She has successively presided over and participated in the research of innovative design methods in the field of visual communication in the new media era;

  • In recent years, She  has focused more on the cross-border use of communication design and how to use communication design language to effectively produce and accurately disseminate information in the era of composite media.

  • Later,through more design practice and research topics, She will think and explore how to enable urban construction and rural revitalization through visual communication design.


Graphic design, IP design, folk craft, art and design culture



Undergraduate: Visual Morphology Creation, Design Foundation, Design Thinking and Expression, etc. 


Education Background

2000-2003  Master degree in architecture (Art and Design), Tongji University

1995-1999  Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial Design), Hunan University


Work Experience

2003 - present     Teaching assistant/ lecturer of Tongji University



Research projects

2012  Research on folk crafts

2014  Innovation and practice of paper art scientific research

2017-2018 research on innovative design methods in the field of visual communication in the media era

2018  handicraft practice - Innovative Application of materials

2018-2019 research on Extraction and visualization of Shanghai style cultural elements in graphic field


Design project

  • Changyuan temporary planning exhibition hall visual image consulting research project(Project Leader)

  • Huzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Hall    Display design (project leader of graphic vision)

  • Graphic advertising design of arch company (Project Leader)

  • Yiyu Technology   Corporate image design (Project Leader)

  • Logo design of world landscape Congress (Project Leader)

  • Brochure design of hele company (Project Leader)

  • COSPAL    Company brochure design (Project Leader)

  • Brochure design of Unicron International (Project Leader)

  • Brochure design of Chuangyuan international company (Project Leader)

    Water stone landscape brochure design (Project Leader)

  • Visual design of publicity series of Cao'an Trade City (Project Leader)

  • Shandong Changle baoshigou vegetable packing box series design (Project Leader)

  • Jiangsu Yichun triumphal City   Preliminary planning and visual design (project leader of graphic vision)

  • Preliminary planning and visual design of Gude jiayuan residential area in Zhengzhou, Henan Province 




[1] The beginning of the design, Shanghai People's fine arts publishing house, 978-7-5586-0654-02018, April (third author)



[1] Gong Yanyan. Analysis of Manzhou window in Lingnan architecture [J]. Housing technology, 2010.08

[2] Gong Yanyan. There is a world between the virtual and the real -- Analysis of the application of natural elements in modern lighting device design [J]. Hunan Baozhuang, December 2015

[3] Gong Yanyan. New generation of waste books: redesign of visual form from waste books [J]. Hunan Baozhuang, 2016.05

[4] Gong Yanyan. Analysis of the new trend of innovative design of plane materials from the perspective of user experience [J]. Hunan Baozhuang, December 2018

[5] Gong Yanyan. Research on the design method of image building skin [J]. Shanxi architecture, January 2019


Honors and Awards

  • 2013  Shanghai first student art design exhibition excellent guidance Award

  • 2012  The third prize of research and development incentive fund of College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University

  • 2012  Guided the students to participate in the "founder Award" national font design competition, and the students' works won the "judge Award" 

  • 2010 Second prize of Tongji University Teaching Award teaching series

  • 2009   Guided the students to win  12 awards in Shanghai and the whole country of the third National College Students' advertising art competition

  • 2006  Guided students to win the first prize of sit innovation competition



Email: gyy77@126.com 


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