“Movable Huo-Yan Laboratory Series Products

On October 12th, “Movable Huo-Yan Laboratory Series Products” won the Gold Award of Industry Group in the 6th Design Intelligence Award. This series is led by D&I and jointly designed and developed by BGI and Shanghai Etopia. This is on top of earlier top awards by the “Huo-Yan” series including: Gold Award of Contemporary Good Design Award, Product Design Supreme Award of the Great One Competition, Gold Award of 2020 (China) Good Design Award, "Excellence Award" of 2020 Shenzhen Design Week and Global Design Award-Global Anti-epidemic Product Design Award, "Best of the Best Award” of 2021 Red Dot Award-Product Design Award, Product Design Award of 2021 iF Award, and the 2021 "Shanghai Design 100+" list. As a solid carrier of Chinese science and technology reaching for "community of a shared future for mankind".  The “Huo-Yan” series continues to play a significant role in the engineering paradigm and efficiently assisting countries around the world in the prevention and control of pandemics.

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