Prof. Aldo Cibic won the Design Shanghai Picks Special Award

The annual design event "Design Shanghai" 2021 recently ended at the Shanghai Expo. The Design Shanghai Picks Special Award was also announced on the last day of the exhibition. “Tibetan” designed by Professor Aldo Cibic of D&I was awarded this award.

The Design Shanghai Picks special award is honorably presented by Design Shanghai in recognition of the high standards of participating brands and designers in the fields of design concept, production technology, culture, and art. In addition to the excellent performance in aesthetics and design style, Design Shanghai picks is based on in-depth understanding of the contemporary cultural environment and insight into the past and future, promoting global design interaction, supporting young designers and the growth of design brands. Starting from exploring the roots of art and design, the judges conducted a comprehensive observation on the design of all participating brands from the perspectives of design concept, product technology, and practical application, and finally selected 25 works including furniture, materials, lighting and handicrafts to award the award.

"It makes me think of something that was already done in the back of my mind, and that was waiting to come out”, says Aldo Cibic about his “Tibetan”, a four-door cabinet with a red lacquered ashwood frame and mirrors in OSB panels. The idea was to create a joyful and colorful cabinet, choosing an honest and common material, making it precious through the use of bright and bold color and the touch of naive gold leaf motifs, inspired by nature.



Aldo Cibic is a renowned architect and one of the founders of the school of Memphis. He has been the honorary professor at Tongji University since 2002 and joined Tongji D&I as full-time professor in 2018. He has devoted to the Design discipline construction for over ten years and made significant contributions to its international development. During his years at Tongji, he has conducted a series of design researches in the context of China, and applied his research achievements and practical experience over the years to the various projects such as NICE 2035 Future Life Prototype Street, a project jointly conducted by D&I of Tongji University and Siping Street, Yangpu District. His great dedication and contribution helps the transformation and upgrading of Tongji Knowledge-Economy Ring and the smart renewal of the city.

During the exhibition, Professor Aldo Cibic held the first exhibition in China with 6 design works including award-winning works, and designed the central booth c337 of the contemporary home furnishing Museum.

"Design Shanghai" 2021 focuses on the topic of "regeneration design" in the global design field, explores the innovation of regeneration design concept, technology update and material innovation together with professionals in the industry, including designers, design brands and professional buyers, and leads the two-way integration of regeneration design and sustainable living mode. At the exhibition site, more than 400 leading design brands at home and abroad, more than 150 global design pioneers, more than 1,000 new design products released globally, more than 150 media partners involved, and nearly 70,000 visitors came to the exhibition. During the four-day exhibition, the participating brands and designers of the eight theme sections of contemporary design, classic & Luxury design, kitchen & bathroom design, workplace design, new materials & applications, objects & accessories, collectible design and talents brought their own brand-new design works and product series, showing their skills on the industry platform of "Design Shanghai", Give people a refreshing industry atmosphere in the "post epidemic" era.



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