SustainX Design Research Center

Center Director: Yongqi Lou, professor and young scholar in the "Chang Jiang Scholars Program", ICSID Board of Directors Member, Vice-Chairman of the China Industrial Design Association, email address:

Research introduction of the center: SustainX focuses on research and practice of the "DesignX" agenda and sustainable design. It promotes systemic thinking in response to new social, political, economic and other complex socio-technical systems, as well as new issues regarding environment, health, urban and rural areas, transportation, newly designed roles, new methods, new paths and new tools.

Major Research Directions: Social Innovative Design, Collaborative Design and Space Construction, Design Policy and Design Management


Existing Research Projects:

1. Art Projects of the National Social Science Foundation of China: "Comparative Research on Chinese and Foreign Innovative Design Competitiveness"

2. Follow-up Research on 509081621 National Natural Science Foundation of China: "Research on 'Design Harvests' Design for Urban-Rural Interaction"

3. EU Horizon 2020 "Learning Ecosystem for Sustainable Reconstruction of the “LIBERATE” Urban Water System"


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