Registration | Emerging Practices: Design Research and Education Conference 2018

Emerging Practices: Design Research and Education Conference 2018


Theme: The Technical World and Communities


Oct. 27, 2018  9:00-17:30 


MIFA 1862, No.1777 Binjiang Avenue, Pudong, Shanghai




Every autumn, at the College of Design and Innovation of Tongji University, we organize a highly interactive design research and education conference titled “Emerging Practices” (EPC). This series began in 2012. Now we are pleased to announce the seventh edition of EPC will be held on October 26–27, 2018.

Following the publication of the DesignX Manifesto in 2014, the EPC continues to develop understandings enriching the DesignX conversation. Over the past four years, we have expanded the framework of EPC by looking into the following topics that address aspects of DesignX in one way or another:

  • Developing: Communities - Economics -Education - Research - Exploration, 2014;

  • Design Activism, 2015;

  • Design in Complexity, 2016;

  • The Social World of Complex Sociotechnical Systems, 2017.

EPC 2018 will examine complex sociotechnical systems in the context of technology. Its theme is “The Technical World and Communities” (of Complex Sociotechnical Systems). “Community” will be the main topic of the discussion. To feed the conversation with rich contextualized scenarios, we will demonstrate a local case—NICE 2035 Livingline, a communal social innovation initiative at the Siping neighborhood in Shanghai. EPC 2018 aims to inspire a conversation on how technologies can be used to better address the burning issues arising from complex sociotechnical systems and how design could contribute to the process. The conference will present best practices in this area, each grounded on a real-world design challenge and involving prototypes testing to engage relevant parties and provide evidence for development.



Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker | Co-President,The Club of Rome

Kent Larson | Director, City Science Lab, MIT Media Lab, USA

Richard Buchanan | Professsor, Case Western Reserve University,USA; and D&I, Tongji University, China

Birger Sevaldson | Professsor, Oslo School of Architecture andDesign, Norway

Michael Lissack | Executive director, Institute for the Study ofCoherence and Emergence (ISCE)

Kostas Terzidis | CEO and Founder,OrganicParking, Inc.; Professor,College of Designand Innovation (D&I), Tongji University

Jarmo Suominen | Professsor, College of Designand Innovation (D&I), Tongji University, China

Kees Dorst | Professsor, University ofTechnology Sydney, Australia

John Thackara | Philosopher, writer, advisor, and Senior Fellow at the Royal College of Art, UK.

Carlos Teixeira | Professsor,Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

Mariana Amatullo | Professsor, Parsons School ofDesign, USA

Mitchell Sutika-Sipus | Specialist, The US Departmentof State, USA

Bige Tuncer | Associate Professor, Head of PILLAR,Singapore University of Technology & Design, Singapore

Lou Yongqi | Dean, College of Design andInnovation (D&I), Tongji University,China

Zhu Dajian | Professor, Tongji University,China

Cheng Yiheng  | Adjunct professor, College of Designand Innovation (D&I), Tongji University,China

Hua Chunrong | Professor,Tongji UniversityPress,China

Fan Ling | Professor,director of Design & AI Lab, College of Design and Innovation (D&I), Tongji University, China; founder and CEO, Tezign

Ma Jin | Associate Research Fellow, Managing Editor of She Ji,Director of She Ji Publishing Platform,College of Design and Innovation (D&I),Tongji University,China

Su Yunsheng | Dean Assistant, Collegeof Design and Innovation (D&I), Tongji University,China

Edward Chao | StudioDirector, Principal, Gensler Shanghai,China

Yu Lei | Founder,ASW (Archi-Solution Workshop);Co-founder, DADA(DigitalArchitecture Design Association,affiliated to Chinese Architect Association),China


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Payment Methods

Registration Fee

  • VIP: RMB 1000.

  • Faculty and Graduate Students of Tongji University:Free Admission.

  • Non-Tongji Graduate Students(With ID): RMB 500.

  • Registered Participants of CUMULUS 2018 AUTUMN CONFERENCE @WUXI,CHINA: Free Admission.


The fee covers admission,  lunch. Accommodation is not included.


Bank Remittance

Beneficiary: Tongji University

Beneficiary Bank Account No.: 033267-00812000848

Beneficiary Bank: Shanghai Xiangyin Sub-branch, Agricultural Bank of China Ltd.

Currency: RMB

Please do leave the remark "For EPC2018, name of the participant, and date of remittance" when conducting bank remittance.

For example,  "For EPC2018, Wang Xiaoming, 20180920". (If the remittance is not conducted by the participant himself or herself, please do leave the participant’s name in the remark.)

After successful remittance, please upload the scanned copy or photo of the receipt and complete the online registration.

The deadline for bank remittance registration is Oct.20, 2018.

Payment On-Site

Registration should be completed online before Oct. 20, 2018. Cash and card are accepted for on site payment.

Time for On-Site Payment: Oct. 26, 2018 (16:30-21:00 p.m.).

Location for On-Site Payment: College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, 281 Fuxin Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai


Conference Secretary: Judy

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