2018 D&I BA. Graduation Exhibition: Dive into the Real World, Locating and Solving Problems

The 2018 Graduation Exhibition of the D&I undergraduate students was held on June 19. More than 90 pieces of the students’ works from Industrial Design, Environmental Design, and Media and Communication Design were exhibitedin D&I. This exhibition will last until July 18.


The theme of this exhibition is “untitled”. It is hoped that by weakening the consciousness of “themes”, each ordinary innovation would be strengthened in a relatively untitled way.At the same time, it is meant to convey the idea that reflection needs to be made about innovation.  Innovation does not have gorgeous labels, and there is no shortcut to inspiration. Instead, it is deeply rooted in the real world to find and solve problems.


As mentioned in the exhibition, Schumpeter once said: "Innovation is the ability to solve problems." In this year's exhibition, proposals for retail service and experience are made in cooperation with Fresh Hema, an innovated supermarket/restaurant/food market. Targeted at the problems of living and healthcare of community, collaborative communitiy-building solutions and space experience solutions were proposed. And space and service system design were made for innovation education based on PBL. Also, we could see design for solving problems in children education and medical care, etc.


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