New Issue of She Ji: The Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation, Volume 3, Issue 2

The current issue of She Ji is now available on-line. As always, all contents are fully accessible in open access format, available for reading online and available for download in .pdf format.

The contents include: 

“Editorial: Conversation, Discourse, and Knowledge.”  

by Ken Friedman    


“Once More, with Feeling: Design Thinking and Embodied Cognition.”

by Karin LindgaardandHeicoWesselius  


“Making Sense of Design Thinking.”

by Alissa N. Antle

“Thinking through Design is Creative and Inspiring: The Why and How.”

by Angela K.-y. Leung and Lin Qiu

“The Need for New Methods to Study Embodied Designing.”

by Bo T. Christensen

“Design Thinkers Think Like Managers.”

by Roberto Verganti

“Define Design Thinking.”

by Lawrence W. Barsalou

“Stepping Stones between Design Research and Cognitive Science.”

by KeesDorst

“Design Thinking: A Method or a Gateway into Design Cognition?”

by Gabriela Goldschmidt

Author’s Response

“Developing Whole New Perspectives: Change, Creativity, and Process Philosophy.”

by Karin Lindgaard


“Design Research: Aesthetic Epistemology and Explanatory Knowledge.”

by Peter Murphy  


“Barriers to Strategic Design: A Perspective from China.”

by Sylvia Xihui Liu and Cees de Bont  


“Viewpoint: A Look at Design Research in France through Design Journals: Building a Design Discipline.”

by Stéphane Vial   



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