The Sixth Issue of She Ji Goes Online

The current issue of She Ji is now available on-line. As always, all contents are fully accessible in open access format, available for reading online and available for download in .pdf format.


The contents include:


“Editorial: New Challenges for Design.”  

by Ken Friedman    


“Social Means Do Not Justify Corruptible Ends: A Realist Perspective of Social Innovation and Design.”

by Otto von Busch and Karl Palmås  


“Scaling Down: Why Designers Need to Reverse Their Thinking.”

by Jeremy Myerson  


“Growth or Decline? A Longitudinal Analysis of Factors Affecting the Institutional Trajectories of Five Design Disciplines in the United States.”

by Ali O. Ilhan  


“Self-Knowledge by Proxy: Parsons on Philosophy of Design and the Modernist Vision.”

by Per Galle    


“Viewpoint: When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It: The Future of Design.”

by Donald A. Norman    


“Book Review: Doughnut Economics — Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st Century Economist.”

by Jerry Diethelm


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