President ZHONG Zhihua visited D&I

Professor ZHONG Zhihua, the President of Tongji University, paid a visit to Tongji University College of Design and Innovation(D&I) on September 7. With the accompany of Vice President Lv Peiming, President Zhong toured around the college, not only the main buildings, but also the publication platform of She Ji and some labs, which helped him to get a general picture of the culture and achievements of the college.

President Zhong also talked with the teachers and students of D&I and LOU Yongqi, Dean of D&I, made an introduction about D&I in terms of current achievements, cooperation with the neighboring community and international partners, teaching reform, and also vision for future development.

President Zhong spoke highly of the achievement and vision of the college, and he encouraged D&I to explore further and made a comprehensive self-evaluation so as to have a clear idea about D&I's position in the field. President Zhong also asked about the difficulties of D&I and expressed full support to the development of the college. And President Zhong hoped D&I could keep sustainable development in mind as always.

At last, Vice President Lv also gave full affirmation to D&I's achievements and concluded this visiting by re-emphasizing that D&I should make good plan about future development and keep close communication with the University administration to solve practical problems.


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