D&I at Milano Design Week 2016: Shè jì Shanghai 6 Stories from Tongji University

In Chinese, “shè jì” is the term for design. It is a word consisting of two characters, “shè” and “jì.” “Shè” means set-up or planning. “Jì” means strategy or calculating. Putting these two characters together, “shè jì” means to “establish a strategy.” The product of “shè jì” (design) is “jì” (a strategy, solution, or plan). “Jì” contains the concept of “goal setting” and the concept of “process guiding.” The concept of “shè jì” offers an approach to design, economics, and innovation as China is turning from “Made in China” to “Created in China” while Shanghai is promoting “economic growth and industrial restructuring and upgrading driven by innovation.” 


The establishment of Tongji University College of Design and Innovation (D&I) aims to meet the urgent need for world-class talents in sustainable design and innovation who have the ability to cope with the technological, social, economic, and environmental changes brought about by the request for sustainable development. In this global and networked knowledge era, the new wave of technological revolution and the challenges regarding resources, environment, and well-being are re-shaping society and economy. Situated in this process, “What Design Can Do?” "What kind of design can take that role?” “What contribution design can make towards addressing these issues?” The answer to those questions call for new knowledge and actions. We believe that a new era of design activism has come! Design should play a more proactive role in involving in and promoting the positive changes and systemic transformation of our time.


At this exhibition, D&I is presenting six projects to embrace such approaches as social design, system design, open design, and strategic design by using design thinking to integrate design and social innovation. Thanks for the exhibition sponsor Shanghai Promotion Centre for City of Design, let’s Shè jì Shanghai. 


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